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Dr Allister J Grant

MB ChB(B'ham) PhD FRCP

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Dr A.J.Grant is a Consultant Hepatologist (Liver Specialist) at University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust. He qualified from Birmingham Medical School in 1990 and trained as a Gastroenterologist in the West Midlands then subsequently sub-specialised in Hepatology. He undertook his liver disease training at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Liver Transplant Unit,  and  completed a successful PhD under the supervision of Prof D.H.Adams. After having completed his Certificate of Specialist Training in Gastroenterology and General (Internal) Medicine he was appointed in November 2004 to University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust as a Consultant Hepatologist. From 2008-10 he took on the role of Assistant Clinical Director for the Medical Unit at UHL. He is now Head of Service for the Digestive Diseases Centre. Since his initial appointment he has been working with colleagues in University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust to develop a high quality Liver Service for the people of Leicestershire.
1990 MB, ChB.
1992 MRCP I (UK)
1993 MRCP II (UK) 
2003 PhD (Bham)
1986 Nuffield Foundation Student
1989 Nuffield Foundation Bursary (Robert Malcolm Trust Travel Scholarship)
1989 University of Birmingham Medical School,ARC Prize in Rheumatology
2000 MRC Max Perutz 2000 Essay Prize
2003 Peel Medical Research Trust Award
2004 DDF Research Prize 2004 (now CORE) 
2004 CORE/Belmont Trust Award
2008 FRCP
2010 East Midlands Regional Innovation Fund Award

Research Fellowships:
1998 British Digestive Foundation 1-Year Fellowship.
Initial research to show whether adhesion molecules shared between mucosal and hepatic endothelium direct mucosal derived T-cells to the liver leading to an entero-hepatic T-cell re-circulation.

1998 Medical Research Council Clinical Training Fellowship 3 Years
Recognition of hepatic endothelium by mucosal lymphocytes promotes the enterohepatic recirculation of T-cells.

2001 University of Birmingham Honorary Research Fellow.
2001 ALS Certificated
2002 CCST- Gastroenterology & General Internal Medicine
2010 IRMER/IRR Certificate
2006 Data Protection Registered
2011 Equal Opportunities Course
2011 Child Protection Course


Membership of Societies:

British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG)- Liver section committee member 2007-10
British Association for the Study of the
Liver (BASL)
British Viral hepatitis Group (BVHG)
European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)
West Midlands Gastroenterological Society Committee Member
Member of the “Emerging Leaders in Gastroenterology” Group
Medical Defence Union.
Royal College of Physicians of London.

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Papers in Press/Submitted.

Prevalence and Pattern of Airways Disease in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: 10 years Experience in a Teaching Hospital, Raj AA, Birring SS,Green R, Grant AJ, de Caestecker J, Pavord ID.QJM


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