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Dr Allister J Grant

MB ChB(B'ham) PhD FRCP

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Lectures on Liver Disease                                                   Written For
Hepatitis C - A global and National Perspective                            Hospital Doctor's
Individualisation of Hepatitis C Therapy (June 2007)                    Hepatitis Clinic Team
Recent Advances in PSC (March 2006)                                           Specialist Registrars
The Extraintestinal Manifestations of IBD (Jan 2005)                    Hospital Doctor's
Liver Failure- A management Guide (March 2007)                         Junior Doctor's
Alcohol Abuse (Sept 2005)                                                               Junior Doctor's

LOROS Non-Malignant Disease Course (March 2007)                   Palliative Care Team 
Top Tips in Liver Disease (Oct 2007)                                                GP's
Interactive Management of Hepatitis B Infection (March 2008)     Specialist Registrars
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (Sept 2008)                               Specialist Registrars
Cirrhosis Alcohol and the ITU (Sept 2008)                                       Specialist Registrars
Viral Hepatitis in Patients with Renal Failure (Feb 2009)                LGH Renal Team
Abnormal Liver Function Tests (Adult) (July 2009)                        Surgical SpR's
Hepatorenal Syndrome (Oct 2009)                                                   Outreach Team
Viral Hepatitis for the Generalist (May 2010)                                   Grand Round

Setting Up a Liver Service (Sept 2010)
                                             BSG Education Mtg

AASLD Hepatitis C Treatment Feedback (Dec 2010)                      Hospital Doctors

AASLD Feedback (Nov 2011)                                                            EM Regional Hepatitis Group

Cholestasis (Feb 2012)                                                                      Specialist Registrars  
Abnnormal LFT/Liver Disease (Jan 2013)                                       3rd Year Medical Students
Help with Hepatology (Oct 2013)                                                     Spire GP talk
End of Life Care in Liver Disease (Sept 2014)                                East Leics GP Practice Learning Time